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Some of us seriously want to make a difference, but most don’t know where to start. Most of us dream about personal fulfillment, but some hope to touch the lives of others in the process. And all of us will appreciate first-hand exposure to breathtaking Africa in a way not quite possible as a mere tourist.

Restore Hope in Uganda

You probably wish to make a direct impact on the local community and environment, while enjoying the colorful heritage, cultures and traditions, plus all the sights and activities Uganda offers.

We can tell you all about our ethical volunteering values, our responsible travelling philosophies and our sustainable volunteer projects. We can brag about our volunteer opportunities uplifting the community, conserving the environment and protecting the children and supporting the orphans and former child soldiers.

We can reassure you about how we comfortably accommodate all ages, genders, races and religions of voluntary workers. Plus, we can go on and on about how you’ll enjoy it here, how volunteer work will give you an overseas trip of a lifetime and how you’ll treasure the memories of foreign volunteering forever.

But don’t let us convince you – simply ask the volunteers who’ve been here before. Read some of their honest feedback.

Via Pader Orphans Caring Project-Uganda, you make an honest difference – both as a volunteer or intern. Whether you’re taking a gap year or career break, or whether you wish to volunteer internationally on your own, as part of a school or university group, or just need some corporate team building, we offer volunteer programs to suit your personality, preference and budget.

Here’s to the volunteers – the givers, the travelers, the explorers, the developers, the teachers and social workers, conservationists and environmentalists, the nurses and doctors, the builders and architects. Here’s to the ones that would rather give than receive – the ones that enjoy nothing more than to put a smile on a child’s face. Here’s to those joining us in learning how to conserve our precious earth, to those teaching a new sport or developing a new skill. Without them we are nothing. Without them we would not survive. We would not heal or create or teach or help. Without them we would not be on the path we are, going in the direction we intend. We make experiences for these people – experiences that they will never forget, experiences that they will use later in life, experiences that will help them understand themselves and the world we live in, experiences that will put in perspective what we often forget. Some people don’t understand. But we do. You do. Thank you.

Education Projects

I am: Interested in Volunteering, Adopt a Village in Uganda, Adopt a Brick, Adopt a Child, Adopt a Classroom, Adopt a Bush Clinic, Adopt an elderly

An individual, A family, A university, A school, A company

Write to: richard@pocpuganda.org


Thinking of travelling during your gap year or summer break?

Want to do something worthwhile on your travels?

Then Pader Orphans Caring Project may be exactly what you are looking for.

We like to set the challenge for all volunteers coming to volunteer with us to throw themselves into fundraising and aim to bring a donation of $ 500 each! We know you can do it!

If you would like to bring a group out to work with us, please email Richard@pocpuganda.org .

As you have decided to volunteer we would welcome any fundraising you do in your community on our behalf.

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Welcome to Pader Orphans Caring Project – Uganda

Pader Orphans Caring Project which is known as (POCP) is local non profit making organization which is registered with local government here in Uganda. POCP was started by Akena Richard who was a former child soldier It is situated in  Pader District near Kitgum District of Northern Uganda.

Richard Akena

About Richard and the Charity Work:

Slowly the rebuilding of the North is taking place, the infrastructure is being rebuild at a snails pace, Richard Akena is happy about that but his struggle is a bit different, his mission in life is rebuilding the lives of children who have suffered so deeply during the war years, whose hearts still tremble with fear as night comes, whose faces show the emotional scars within, some of the children show the visible scars of war such as lips, ears, noses chopped off by machetes which were wielded for the most part by child soldiers.  Children, but children whose heart and souls were removed by the LRA through brain washing, instilling fear in the abducted children and its ruthless, demonically led and inspired master Joseph Kony who took children from their homes, families, villages and made them into monsters such as Uganda had never seen.  Children who in cold blood killed members of their own family, their own clans and their own tribe – the abducted children turned into killers, like zombies running amok.

A kind lady took him in and fed him and gave him shelter.  He went toKampala, hoping for a better life, only to find more despair.  It was hard to adjust from a being a child soldier to living as a civilian, normality eluded him and that is when he had encounter with Jesus and purpose and meaning entered his life.

He pursued an education finishing High School and then onward to higher education even pursuing a Degree in Public Administration from MakerereUniversity.


As he returned to the North of Uganda he began to see the ugly fruit of what the LRA had sown and caused.  Children who lived in fear, scarred within, orphans whose parents had been killed by the LRA, children who had been physically maimed by lips, ears, noses being cut off, hands being amputated by a machete, but most of all he saw orphans, the LRA war produced countless of parent-less children in Northern Uganda.

Richard established Pader Orphan Caring Project which is a registered Nonprofit Organization in Uganda taking in the throw away children of the area giving them a place to call home.  Richard did not and still today has little funding-the need is so great-but his heart is greater than the need and he prays each day for the daily bread of the children and somehow, just somehow little miracles happen.

Richard Akena, former child soldier with the Lord’s Resistance Army is now a soldier in the Army of his Lord – he is a voice for the voiceless – a person who has found his true purpose in life, to care for those who were child soldiers like him, who like himself were made orphans by the LRA and those scarred physically and emotionally by the Lord’s Resistance Army.

Life is tough in the Pader area of Uganda, it is the area with the lowest life expectancy in Uganda – 29 years – it is an area that needs infra structure such as schools, clinics and hospitals, wells that provide clean water, roads, the rebuilding of villages that were un-occupied while the war raged on for 20 some years in Northern Uganda.


Richard demonstrates the power of inspiration– Richard is a man with a dream to help the helpless of Northern Uganda – each day that dream becomes more of a reality – the ghosts of his past still haunt some nights – but he also knows that God turns the curses of one’s past into blessings.

Joseph Kony sowed the seeds of violence and despair – Richard is sowing seeds of hope for a brighter future for the orphans and former child soldiers of Northern Uganda…the shelves in the store room of the orphanage may be empty, but thanks to Richard the hearts of the children are full…from Kampala.

Volunteer Opportunities for individual and or Team are there for those interested investing yourself in the lives of children orphaned by the conflict.  There are over 300 children at the orphanage – children who are in need of assistance and care – a volunteer team can make a visible impact in the lives of the children there.

 The LRA its military campaign has mainly consisted of attacks on the civilian population – raping, mutilating and slaughtering or abducting civilians, raiding villages, looting stores and homes, and burning houses and schools.

It is believed that 85 percent of the LRA’s ranks consist of children who were abducted. Children have been abducted primarily from insideUganda, but also southern Sudan, and forced to become soldiers and commit atrocities against other children, their families and communities. Abducted girls have been raped and sexually enslaved as “wives” by LRA commanders. Since the launch of Operation Iron Fist, there has been a significant increase in the number of LRA attacks against civilians. Alleged crimes by the LRA include:

  • Abduction: The LRA is believed to have abducted over 20,000 people during the course of the war, many of whom remain unaccounted for. Since June 2002 there has been a sharp rise in abductions, with an estimated 10,000 children abducted.
  • Recruitment of child soldiers
  • Displacement: Since the start of Operation Iron Fist, the number of internally displaced persons has drastically increased from 450,000 to over 1.6 million. The phenomenon of “night commuters” has also emerged. An estimated 44,000 people – mostly children and their mothers – flee their homes each night in fear seeking refuge from possible abduction by the LRA. They search for places to sleep in town centers, such as churches and hospitals, and return to their homes in the morning.
  • Killing of civilians, abductees, refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs): Between June and December 2002, the LRA is reported to have killed 539 civilians. LRA attacks increased significantly in 2003 and resulted in the deaths of approximately 3,000 people. For example, on November 6, 2003, the LRA is reported to have killed 60 civilians, beheading some and burning or hacking to death others.
  • Torture and sexual violence of civilians, abductees and IDPs, including rape and sexual enslavement

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